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How does the library work?

The library operates very much like a book library. A member will sign up and pay a Membership fee for the full year. They can then request any item in the library. People who can afford a membership will subsidise memberships for people in the community who cannot afford one or are most at risk and would benefit from access to musical instruments. It will be expected that all members will collect the instrument at their convenience unless they are pay an additional surcharge for delivery & collection.

How much does a Music Broth Membership cost?

We offer membership schemes for individuals, bands and organisations. An annual membership for an individual is £60; for a band £120; and for an organisation from £200

What happens if I damage one of the instruments/equipment?

If an instrument is damaged or stolen while on loan, please contact us immediately so that we can assess the situation. While you are responsible for any damage or loss, the majority of issues can usually be easily remedied at the library, and often do not result in a cost to the borrower unless the damage was deemed intentional or due to negligence by the borrower.

Can I let other people use the instrument I am borrowing?

The instrument is loaned out to you are therefore responsible for any damage/loss. Please consider whether you can trust the individual in mind and that you are able to retrieve the instrument so as to return it promptly when loan period is completed.

How long can I loan an instrument?

All instruments are set to a loan period of 1 month. Nearing the end date of the loan you will receive an email to ask whether you wish to renew this for a further period of time. The only circumstances where you will not be allowed to continue a loan is if there is a queue awaiting access to it.

I have an instrument to donate but I don’t live nearby?

Not to worry! We are more than happy to come and collect. It may require a couple of phone calls, emails and some planning but we will do our best to collect at your convenience.

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