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To build a connected music community based on the sharing of instruments and experiences

ABOUT: Welcome


Music Broth is an inclusive social enterprise dedicated to shared equitable access to restored musical instruments and connecting people through music learning opportunities

ABOUT: About Us



We aim to remove barriers of access, and conduct outreach in ways that honour the idea that everyone can benefit from a relationship with music. We prioritise respect for individuals to define their own approaches to music, by striving to host relevant materials to support our members needs.


We aim to divert instrument and equipment waste from landfill by catalysing community exchange of instruments. We accept donations of instruments, renew their usefulness, and redistribute them to our members.

Community Support

Our organisation relies on volunteers, donors, grants as well as monetary relationships to subsidise our service costs. We work in partnership with third sector, government and community groups to build musical bridges between parts of the community that wouldn't normally connect.

Empower Individuals

By encouraging access to musical relationships, we aim to support individuals to self actualise. Our memberships are relationships that we approach with care for individual's expressed goals. Our access fund is used to support membership costs and educational experiences for those who would not otherwise be able to afford it.

Developing Creative Practice

We support people at any stage in life because we believe people are creative throughout life. We aim to support diverse community resource needs by using innovative responsive approaches to resource sharing.

Resource redistribution

We continuously pursue gathering the best music performance, education and community building resources to share.

Music Broth-ers



The gaffer! Founding Director of Music Broth, musician, and social entrepreneur. Jen oversees the direction and day-to-day operation of the organisation, and gets involved in everything we do; from speaking at events, running workshops, and social media, mentoring members and volunteers, fixing ukuleles, and lugging bass amps!

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