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Donate: volunteer time, instruments, support activites

You can help support us through donating time, your instruments, or through supporting us financially, so that those who can't afford it can still get access to instruments or workshops to enhance their life skills and experiences.

Hand Drawing

Currently in demand volunteer skills & roles

  • Members' support - supporting members in our library, checking in and out of instruments to members using our online system

  • Communications - helping us create fun, vibrant updates for our website, social media and newsletters

Volunteer Testimonials

"I have felt incredibly welcomed and accepted at Music Broth. It is a wonderful family of accepting, encouraging and driven people who I have drawn much inspiration!" Read more


"Being part of MB has blown away my loneliness and given me the confidence to learn new things.  I feel part of the MB family and feel able to ask for help when I need it." Read More

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"Volunteering at MB has been good for me. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the staff are friendly and a good of the reasons I like volunteering at MB is that it supports community." Read more


"have personally been motivated by what this charity have done, how volunteers have devoted themselves, how positive the feedbacks have been" Read more


"My time there was also a great opportunity to develop and hone my skills - the team really want volunteering to be an opportunity to grow!" Read more

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