Instrument Showcase #1

Welcome to the 1st post of our Musical Instrument Showcase series!

We’ll be sharing some stories of our instruments and their journeys in the library so far.

A little background about how the library came to be: Our Founder, Felix had bequeathed a collection of musical instruments from his late Uncle Paul who passed away in 2008 after being diagnosed with Cancer. Paul was a professional musician and played in bands touring all over the UK, playing at weddings. He was passionate about music and had his own recording studio at home. His legacy lives on through the continued use of his instruments and equipment made available to the community. Felix founded Music Broth in memory of Paul, who would be happy to see instruments - like the one he loved playing - being shared

Our first musical instrument showcase is a Westfield Sunburst Bass Guitar. This instrument was donated by a musician who played in several bands over a 30 year time period. He wanted his instrument to be put to good use and knowing Music Broth's ethos made it an easy decision for him to donate.

The bass has already started what will hopefully be a long journey in our instrument library and is now currently on loan to 16-year-old Daniel, who has kindly shared his story with us. Daniel was the victim of a knife attack last year, after which he became introverted and preferred spending time indoors. He often listened to music to relieve his worries. Through our partnership with Barnardos, who are supporting Daniel, we have been able to loan him the bass guitar for free.

Daniel and his mother, Elizabeth, have both told how learning the bass has created positive changes for him in what has been a difficult time. On top of learning a new instrument (he already plays piano and drums), his friendships have strengthened, his confidence has improved, and he has started singing again - which he hadn’t done since the incident. At the moment, Daniel is learning to play ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran; he is finding the song a challenge, but he’s sure he’ll have mastered it soon. Thanks for sharing your story, Daniel - the Music Broth team wish you all the best with the bass!

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